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Genève - Un monde en soi

Geneva is a city of peace. By choice and its location as an international crossroads, the city of Calvin has always made the ideal of peace a priority.
The presence of innumerable international organizations, governmental bodies and NGOs (UN, International Red Cross etc), have helped make the city an unbeatable destination that attracts ever-increasing numbers of visitors.
Culture also plays an important role in Geneva: Opera, music and theatre - in diverse forms but always of excellent quality - grace the city's nightlife. Other advantages further add to the city's charms: glorious parks, a magnificent natural setting perfect for sporting activities and other excursions, Lake Geneva and of course, the Old Town.
For the epicurean in all of us, whether we enjoy fine dining or more traditional fare, there’s a wealth of cuisine to discover – the city’s cosmopolitan base guarantees flavours and colours from all over the world.
Whether you're passing through on business or looking for a more relaxing time, we hope that your stay in Geneva will have given you memories you never want to forget.

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