Enjoy Swiss specialities such as raclette or fondue, as well as quality French cuisine, all served in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. A comprehensive Swiss wine list and gourmet local produce top off the bill.

The cheese fondue

The fondue is served in a special pot called a "caquelon". Once the fondue is ready, the caquelon is set up on the table on a small burner. We use special forks with long handles to dip the bread in the molten cheese. Keep the fondue on a constant head, but make sure it does not overheat. If this temperature is held until the fondue is finished there will be a thin crust of toasted (not burnt) cheese at the bottom of the caquelon. This is called “la religieuse” (French for the nun). It is the part everybody haggles about at the end.

Our different cheese fondues

  • Cheese fondue "classic" (moitié-moitié)
  • Cheese fondue with herbs
  • Cheese fondue with tomatoes
  • Cheese fondue with wild mushrooms
  • Cheese fondue with wild mushrooms and bacon

the raclette

The Raclette cheese round is heated by a vertical grill and then scraped onto diners' plates. Traditionally, it is accompanied by small firm potatoes, gherkins, pickled onions.

In the restaurant Les Armures the Raclette is served in portions, so one portion will be served and it is expected that the guest requests at least a 2nd and 3rd service.